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2 days ago

Joining me today is independent journalist Matt Taibbi.
He was one of the leading publishers of the Twitter Files and you can find his work on Substack at 
We will be talking about the UK Files, Media Matters’ case with Elon Musk & New Twitter Files exposing the “Election Integrity Partnership”.
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Friday Nov 24, 2023

TODAY - Is independent journalist Lee Fang.
He’s a contributing editor over at UnHerd, and you can find the bulk of his reporting on his Substack at
We will be talking about his recent report on how Moderna is spying on everyone, including me!
It shows the relationship between big pharma and social media platforms.
It reveals how they shape the public space relating to vaccine information to protect their bottom line.
Additionally, we spoke about the War in the Middle East, how Nikki Haley makes huge money from the military-industrial complex, and how third-party candidates will fare in the 2024 elections.
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Friday Nov 17, 2023

Watch as a video interview on Rumble: our channel directly at:
On today’s show, we’re joined by Jimmy Dore and Christina Tobin to dive into all things elections and debates surrounding the 2024 elections.To support Free & Equal’s Presidential Debate To Go, you can donate at
Additionally, stay tuned for discussions on Trudeau’s Climate Hypocrisy, the potential of Trump selecting Tucker as VP, and the intriguing topic of US Banks going cashless. Don’t miss out on this episode!Follow on social media:X: @rustyrocketsINSTAGRAM: @russellbrandFACEBOOK:

Monday Nov 06, 2023

Bret Weinstein on the Israel-Palestine conflict, the next pandemic & spirituality.
Watch my conversation with Bret Weinstein in full on Locals: 
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Thursday Nov 02, 2023

TODAY - The shocking truth about Excess deaths and how Pfizer profiteered from the pandemic, with Edward Dowd, author of ‘Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths’.
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Wednesday Nov 01, 2023

This is Jordan Peterson as you’ve never heard him before talking about the Israel-Palestine conflict and the symbolism of war; religion, psychopaths & power, kindness, a vision for the future and more!
Find out more about ARC:
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Tuesday Oct 31, 2023

US Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy chats to Russell about the looming dangers of World War 3, his anti-war stance resulting in being shut out by the mainstream media, his solution to address congressional members trading stocks, and Trump's legal battles.
You can follow Vivek’s presidential campaign by going to:  
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Friday Oct 27, 2023

TODAY - Is Trump the answer to avoiding WW3? Biden's vaccine rhetoric contradicts what he said in 2020, Hillary gets into a shouting match with an anti-war advocate and our guest Neil Oliver on finding humanity in existential crises.
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Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

Russell chats to NHS Doctor and Health Campaigner, Dr Bob Gill about the truth behind the approved COVID-19 vaccine trails and how they differed from what the public received!
Watch Dr Bob's documentary: The Great NHS Heist Documentary
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Friday Oct 20, 2023

Russell chats to Larry Sanger, Wikipedia’s co-founder, who shares his concerns about the platform’s bias and propaganda, and his efforts towards a decentralized alternative.
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